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Bolivia tourist attractions stand out for their authenticity. They are among the highest, most isolated and most diverse destinations in the world. The country boasts among the driest, saltiest, as well as the wettest natural landscapes in the world.

Bolivia is the most culturally rich country in South America, with 60% of the population claiming indigenous heritage. It is also rich in natural resources, most notably the Potosí silver mines.

This landlocked country boasts soaring peaks in Santa Cruz and the world’s largest salt flats in Salar de Uyuni. There are steamy Amazonian jungles in Rurrenabaque, and wildlife-rich grasslands in Sajama National Park. Bolivia exudes beauty from the “White City” of Sucre to the spectacular wine region of Tarija. Unparalleled beauty is also reflected in its vibrant indigenous cultures, classic colonial cities, and whispers of ancient civilizations. From the major hub of La Paz you can visit the Tiahuanaco archeological site and the Moon Valley. From Uyuni you can visit a diverse geographical landscape.

No matter where you go in Bolivia, you will have a truly authentic and unforgettable experience.

Bolivia Tourist Attractions

Visit La Paz and Its Region

La Paz is one Bolivia’s most famous tourist attractions. Flying into La Paz is an experience in itself, “El Alto” airport sits at over 13,300 feet above sea level. Looking down at La Paz  in the canyon below, surrounded by snow capped peaks, is truly breath taking. La Paz is also home to highest capitol, and golf course, in the world.
La Paz is surrounded by diverse geography and plenty of activities. You can visit the lunar like canyons in the Moon Valley, or explore the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco just outside of lake Titicaca. If you are looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, take a trip to the coca area of the picturesque city of Coroico. There is also much to explore within the city limits. The best nightlife and gourmet cuisine in entire city can be found at GUSTU. For those looking for something a bit more taboo, you can’t miss the famous witch’s market.
The center of La Paz in Bolivia, with Pie Experiences
Chacaltaya, a mountain in the Cordillera Real, former ski resort close to La Paz Bolivia, Pie Experiences

Visit Uyuni and Its Region

Trust us when we say Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni should be at the top of your list for your next adventure. In the dry season, your world is divided into the perfect, dazzling white salt below and the perfect blue sky above. In the rainy season, these two halves combine as the film of water on the salt reflects the sky above and you watch fluffy white clouds scudding across the land.

Spanning over 4000 square miles, Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. And although the salt flats alone are a sight to see, this region holds much more. You can take a trip through train cemeteries, ancient archaeological sights in Incahuasi, or the Museum of Salt in Colchani. From islands like Isla del Pescado to red lakes (Lago de Colorado) to green lakes (Lago de Verde). The geography alone is enough to amaze you. The area is riddled with volcanic activity such as the Tunupa Volcano. There are even sulphur springs fields where you can see geysers and literally watch the earth boil.

Last rays of sunshine on the salt collection on the salar de uyuni in Bolivia
Red lagoon, salar de Uyuni Bolivia with Pie Experiences

Visit Sucre and Its Region

Sucre is where Bolivia was born. Sucre is home to La Casa de la Libertad (House of Liberty), where Bolivia’s Declaration of Independence was signed. Of all the Bolivia tourist attractions, Sucre has the rich Colonial history. Here you can also find the colorful Tarabuco market. Every Sunday you can experience one of the most famous markets in all of Bolivia. The Yampara people come here to sell their artisan crafted tapestries, textiles, bags, and shawls.
Additionally, Sucre is home the largest collections of dinosaur footprints in the world. There are over 5,600 footprints set into the side of a cliff, just 5kms from the city center. Since the discovery, a dinosaur-themed park has become a highlight of the town. The park includes a collection of impressive, life-sized dinosaur sculptures.
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Visit Potosi and Its Region

Potosi, once the economic centre of Spain’s empire, is a historic mining town. Famous for the silver filled Cerro Rico mountain discovered in the early 1570’s. Though the silver ore has been depleted for over a hundred years there is still much to see in the quaint Bolivian town. Once called ‘The Paris of Latin America’, Potosi is covered in beautiful Colonial architecture. Most notably is the Casa de la Moneda, the National Mint of Bolivia, which has been turned into one of the best museums in South America.  La Merced Church Museum can be found only a few blocks from the plaza. With impressive architecture and filled with artifacts of religious art, this church is a must see. However the real treat of this Bolivia tourist destination is the the rooftop. No trip to Potosi is complete without a relaxing coffee, and stunning view, at the museum’s rooftop cafe.

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