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Culinary Journey – Indulge in the Flavors of Latin American and Peruvian Cuisine

Pie Experiences - Luxury Escapes / Culinary Journey – Indulge in the Flavors of Latin American and Peruvian Cuisine

Every Foodie’s Wildest Dreams Realized in South America

Perhaps you consider yourself a foodie. You have dined at the finest restaurants or best kept secrets that your city or neighborhood has to offer. Your palate is fine tuned to the nuances of your region’s twist on international cuisine. However, until you indulge in an authentic tasting of Peruvian cuisine and other Latin American fare, you haven’t fully lived.

Here at Pie-Experiences, we know that the foodie’s desire to find the best cuisine is insatiable. Culinary innovation is constantly on the rise and there’s always something new to try. It’s time to let your taste buds lead the way into your next adventure. Seize the world by the mixer and get ready to whisk away into one of the most culturally diverse food experiences you’ll ever encounter. From the divinity of Peruvian cuisine, Italian influences in Argentina, to the hardy concoctions brought to the world by Ecuador and Bolivia. Don’t hesitate to book your South American culinary tour!

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Six Time Defending World Champs: Peruvian Cuisine Elevates the Eating Experience

Whether you’re interested in a trek on the Inca trail or an Amazonian cruise, Peruvian cuisine won’t disappoint. All Peruvian cuisine is diverse and the rich culmination of complex history, culture, science, and artistic techniques. The textures and aromas bring to life the ancient and modern culinary techniques. Your favorite flavors are outdone in this South American destination. Peruvian cuisine lends itself well to the vegetarian palate as well as any meat lover’s desires.

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, Peruvian cuisine is six time title holder of the World’s Best Culinary Destination. In fact, Lima is home to three of the world’s top 50 Restaurants. Central and Maido make the top ten list while Astrid y Gastón is not too far behind. Thanks to its highly diverse and complicated history of immigration, conquest, and ancient traditions, Peru consistently leaves every traveler with a smiling face and a full belly. Traditional food mixed with the influx of global influences keeps the experts of Peruvian cuisine on the front-line of culinary innovation.

Peru's Diversity Tempts the Appetite

Spend some time in Lima’s Barrio Chino for full immersion with the Chinese-Peruvian cuisine, called Chifa. The Japanes-Peruvian nikkei brings balance to every meal. European herbs and flavors enhance the rich grains and potato dishes, central to the ancient Andean diet. African creativity and savory techniques bring an undeniable comfort to Peruvian cuisine.

Exotic fruits and vegetables from the jungle or Sacred Valley paired with the fresh seafood along the coast compliment each other very well. Take our Sacred Valley tour and learn about the agricultural practices of the Ancient Inca. They were truly ingenious. As if the colorful and satisfying flavors weren’t enough, the agricultural engineering is mind boggling. Your cultural and culinary appreciation will elevate to a new level. When we open the doors to the various styles of Peruvian cuisine that the world can’t get enough of, you’ll want seconds.

Come to the Sacred Valley and Eat at the World Renowned and Eco-Friendly Mil Centro

Peru is home and inspiration for the humble and dedicated culinary master, Virgilio Martinez. You may have heard of him from the Netflix show Chef’s Table. He is a world renowned chef who celebrates his country and pays homage to its many regions with his delectable creations. If Peru has been voted best culinary destination of the world, then Virgilio Martinez is one of the world’s best chef. Those who have tasted his works of art would defend this statement.

Mil Centro is his latest experiment with Peruvian cuisine. Peru’s diverse regions make it to the food explorer’s plate. The superb chef provides an eight course meal paired with different infusions, spirits, coffee, and other local beverages. This is more than a fancy and delicious meal. It’s a lesson in food artistry and Peruvian culture.

Virgilio and his team traveled throughout Peru to gather only the finest ingredients that have a true connection to the region. Carefully chosen ingredients bring out the most versatile Peruvian flavors. Moreover, Virgilio is mindful about the process. The exotic location in the Sacred Valley is unassuming. The intentional design of the restaurant blends in with the surrounding nature so that it doesn’t interfere with the ecological and cultural community. Likewise, they recycle all water used.  

So, not only are you taking part in a truly unique culinary experience, you’re supporting an eco-friendly and locally conscientious establishment. We’re more than happy to book this spot to help you fully indulge in Peruvian cuisine!


Come to Argentina for Some of the Finest Beef in the World

During your quest for the best South American vacation, it’s likely that you’ve heard of asado. Perhaps you’ve heard it’s like bar-b-que or a type of grilling. However, neither of those words encompass what it truly means to engage in Argentine asado. For meat lovers, it is a near-spiritual experience. Many travelers and food aficionados know Argentina to have some of the best beef in the world. Asado is a way to connect with the Argentine community while enjoying delicious, traditionally prepared beef, sausage, sometimes chicken, goat, or lamb over an open fire. This originated with the gaucho culture in Argentina, when wild cattle roamed the open plains. Essentially, the gaucho is South America’s cowboy. To live like a gaucho, don’t forget to ask for some maté tea to accompany your smokey and savory fare.

Baked Goods and Exquisite Italian Techniques In the Southern Hemisphere

Many Spanish speaking countries have their own twists on empanada. The Argentine empanada is a form of perfection. These handheld baked dough pockets stuffed with a wide array of textures and flavors is readily available as soon as you enter the country. Fine dining restaurants will have a sophisticated form of this typical cuisine. Whereas, the corner gas station can also sufficiently fulfill your hankering for empanadas.

The Argentine population is highly diverse. While there is a healthy Spanish influence, the culture also enjoys a heavy Italian presence. This is especially apparent with the options of restaurants. In addition to asado and empanadas, you’ll find some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. Made-from-scratch kitchens are abound. There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a forkful of “al-dente” noodles and properly seasoned sauce. This heightened culinary preparation is merely law of the land in Argentina.

Surely, you can rely on Pie-Experiences to help you navigate the overwhelming opportunities. We’re happy to set you on an adventurous culinary journey on your South American tour.


Bolivia's Unique Artistry Will Leave you Wanting More

Often, people overlook Bolivia when thinking about culinary destinations. It’s likely you’ve considered Peru or Argentina and Bolivia may not have crossed your mind. However, its location has only amplified the quality and creativity that goes into the Bolivian cooking. Located near Peru and Argentina, they have taken many different techniques and transformed traditional food from surrounding regions into their own adaptations.

Most notably, Bolivia is one of the world’s largest producer of quinoa. In the Northern Hemisphere, this superfood has become all the rage over the past years among the health-food fanatics, vegetarians, and culinary “pioneers.” For people with celiac disease, it’s a great substitute for wheat or other grains. Quinoa was considered food for Bolivian common folk. Now it’s a universal super food.

Traditional Bolivian Dishes

Sonso de yuca is a very typical Bolivian dish. Those who prepare it mash yuca (similar to mashed potatoes), mix with cheese, and fire over a grill. The grill adds a delightful smokey quality that enhances the experience of eating this street-food. This cheesy yuca dish is a great snack to buy from a street vendor while strolling through the market or to eat while sipping a cup of coffee.  

Bolivian Plato Paceño Seasoned with History

This plate originated in La Paz due to the Siege of La Paz. The city was under attack and surrounded by an indigenous uprising. For three months, food supply was limited. So, a large collection of available produce was stockpiled after the siege. The primary foods collected were corn, beans, pecorino cheese, and of course potatoes. They combined these ingredients in order to feed the starving people of La Paz, creating a tradition. Originally, this plate did not come with meat. However, after 1800, there was an influx of cattle. At this time, a very special ingredient was added to the customary plate. Thus, a meat lover is not to overlook this traditional dish!

Bolivian salteñas are a filled-to-the-brim, soupy, doughy delicacy. At first glance, you’ll think that they are chubby empanadas. However, once you bite into one of these succulent handheld doughy treats, you’ll learn there is an important difference between them and their Argentine relatives. The dough has a hint of sticky sweetness. Salteñas are filled with veggies, eggs, olives, meat (chicken or beef), and a slightly spicy sauce. There is a soupiness to them that you’ll want to slurp and scoop out with a spoon. Eventually, the delicious filling and sauce soaks the dough, leaving the last few flavorful bites.

Bolivian Christmas is not complete without La Picana. Bolivian Families gather after mass at midnight to bring in Christmas with a sense of togetherness while eating this slowly cooked stew-like soup. Hardy and savory, this soup consists of potatoes, meat, and vegetables such as corn, peas, and carrots. Chefs jazz it up with beer and wine.


Savory and Spice Bring the Food Experience to Life in Ecuador

Hailing from the Ecuadorian Andes, a cheesy potato soup called locro de papa is rich with annatto and utterly gratifying. This spice is aromatic with nutty, sweet, and peppery flavors. Ecuador loves soup. It’s practically swimming in it. All of the tastiest dishes are hardy in nature. For instance, delicious llapingachos are potato cakes that often come with eggs, chorizo, and chicken. This typical Ecuadorian food is typically accompanied by a salad to help balance the hardiness of the dish.

The seafood in Ecuador is to die-for. Langostinos in garlic butter is a rich, savory, and decadent meal. The fresh prawns tantalize the taste buds. The garlic butter warms the soul. Ecuador’s beautiful ecological sites can be paired with the delicious Peruvian influences of ceviche. Choclo, the crunchy and delightful corn kernels serve as a crunchy snack food. If you don’t have a chance to make it farther south for some Peruvian cuisine, you can get a chance at the novel and delicious Cuy.

Here at Pie-Experiences, we have plenty of experience wining and dining throughout South America. We specialize in the finer things in life. We can’t wait to share them with you! Book a tour today and enjoy Peruvian cuisine, Argentine asado, Bolivian dishes, or the diverse Ecuadorian fare. Not only will we satiate the desires of your tastebuds, but your wanderlust as well.

Allow Pie Experiences to optimise your vacation and book an unforgettable culinary journey. Contact us to start booking your trip of a lifetime today !