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Cultural Journeys – Best South American Vacations

Pie Experiences - Luxury Escapes / Cultural Journeys – Best South American Vacations

The Best South American Vacations Await!

So, you’ve decided to take a few weeks off from work and explore the world. Maybe you just graduated college and you’d like to take an extended holiday before entering the workforce. Better yet, perhaps you’ve retired and would like to explore what the rest of the world has to offer. Here at Pie-Experiences, we’re ready to optimize your priceless time by creating the best South American vacations that focus on the cultural highlights of South America.

At Pie-Experiences, we like to offer our clients a list of different cultural highlights of South America. We handcraft the best South American vacations to set our travelers on unforgettable cultural journeys. It will be our pleasure to personalize the South American holiday to fulfill your adventurous spirit. For those who wish to relax and are in need of a break from the commotion of everyday life, we are happy to fine tune a more luxurious travel itinerary.

Latin America is a region rich with vibrant culture. You’ll find ancient cities that carry an air of magic, cultural holidays rich with indigenous and colonial history, magnificent mountains, and fascinating salt plains. Visit regions lush with mouthwatering wine to experience the finest culture South America has to offer.

We have something for you! Maybe you want to experience the charm of the Andes in Peru or Bolivia, or you’d like to immerse yourself in the romance and mystery of the Tango in Argentina. Take a peek below and read about some of the possible experiences and the best South American vacations.

Highlights of South America


Consider these highlights for some of the best South American vacations in Argentina.

Experience Romance, Mystery, Thrills, and World Class Talent at the Tango Shows in Buenos Aires

Elegant, passionate, theatrical, and sultry. Buenos Aires has one foot still planted in its Golden Decade. The Tango Boom of the 1940s has not eroded with time. The heart of Porteño culture is still beating strong. From the colorful streets of La Boca to one of the many sophisticated theatres throughout the city, there are many opportunities to view one of Buenos Aires’ most fundamental traditions. 

At Pie-Experiences, we design an itinerary that fits your tango desires. We provide you with a world-class cultural experience. Uniquely fit to what you are searching for with your Argentine adventure. Share this South American highlight with your friends to show off your cultural knowledge!

Come to Tilcara for an Out of This World Experience During Carnaval

Located in Jujuy, Tilcara is a high planes village. Amid the World Heritage Site of Quebrada de Humahuaca, the view is spectacularly breathtaking. The village people celebrate their traditions in January, coinciding with the season of Carnival. This festival represents purification and the fertilization of the soil. Although it is rainy season, getting wet is a bonus! Locals say it purifies and cleanses. So you are afforded a fresh start!

Locals dress up in intricate and vibrant costumes. They wear other-worldly masks that represent demons. The belief is that the Devil descends the hill and mingles among those in costume. This is a day when the locals hide their identities. They transform into their most mischievous and festive personalities. Those behind the masks do not recover back to their normal selves until they are completely free of their disguises and feel self-conscious again. Join in the debauchery or observe modestly. Undoubtedly, this is quite the jolly fiesta!


Bolivian festivals overflow with energy. For the traveler who wants a cultural journey, we make the unique Bolivian experiences a reality. Our trips bring the highlights of South America to life. Consider these highlights for some of the best South American vacations in Bolivia.

Indulge in Ancient and Modern Customs During a Colorful and Musical Carnaval in Oruro

Perhaps one of the most missed opportunities by many travelers are the Carnival celebrations in Bolivia. Much of South America celebrates Carnival, not just Rio de Janeiro!

The quaint, quiet mining town of Oruro shocks to life each year on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday in order to celebrate Carnival. This day-long party consists of folk-dancing, elaborate costumes, artisanal handicrafts, and festive music. Oruro’s Carnival celebration is one of the exquisite higlights of South America. It represents a magical blend of indigenous Andean religious ceremonies and the Spanish influence of Catholicism in the region.

Join the locals, more than 28,000 dancers, and 10,000 musicians to celebrate in the annual festivities. Masked performers dance “La Diablada” or the “Llama Llama”. They perform this dance to represent the triumph of good over evil. This folkloric dance is special to the indigenous Andeans and performed at various celebrations. The miners invented it to honor the god “El Tio,” so that he would not be jealous of their adoration of the Virgin.

Love Conquers All During the Fiesta del Gran Poder in La Paz

Get ready to find yourself in the highest capital of the world! Join La Paz for the most important festival of the year. It happens the last Saturday of May or the first Saturday in June.

Get ready to find yourself surrounded by parades of dancers and marching bands. By and large, this celebration turns La Paz into a lively and welcoming party. Fiesta del Gran Poder is all about celebrating love. Not a Valentine’s Day type of love. The people of La Paz believe that God is Love and that Love generates the power to destroy all obstacles. Love is the Gran Poder, or Great Power.

For a true cultural journey, join in these festivities. The beautiful shimmery costumes and energetic marching bands captivate locals and visitors. Engage your senses with fireworks, lively spirits (or beer), and delicious snacks! 


Consider these highlights for some of the best South American vacations in Peru.

Feel the Heart, Soul, and Cultural Dedication of the Locals during La Festividad de la Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno

This festival occurs every February and acts as a homecoming for Peruvians who left the area. This is a cultural must if you plan to be in the area at the end of January and beginning of February. La Festividad de la Virgen de la Candelaria lasts a little over a week.  Especially relevant, it combines cultural, festive, and religious aspects of the region. It incorporates emblematic components of the Andean perspective and Catholic origins. 

It begins with a sunrise mass, then a ritualistic “purification” ceremony. The processional participants carry an image of Virgin Mary while filling the streets with traditional music and festive dancing. Throughout the week, there are two dance contests! The first contest is traditional and exhibits the native folkloric dancing. The second dance contest is more flashy and showcases different groups in Puno.

The main dance of the festival is “La Diablada,” or the Dance of the Devil. According to legend, miners trapped in a mine resigned their souls to the Virgin. This was in order to gain protection from demons.

Due to the celebratory atmosphere and length of festivities, Puno does not disappoint travelers yearning for cultural adventure.

Celebrate the Sun with the Cusqueños and Enjoy the Theatrical and Handicraft Artistry During the Inti Raymi Festival

Transport yourself back to ancient times for this magnificent cultural highlight of South America!

Festival of the Sun or Feast of the Incas celebrates the beginning of the Andean New Year. This coincides with the Winter Solstice. The Inca Empire based its religion around the Sun. Inti Raymi  was the first feast celebrated during the Inca Empire. Even more, this holiday was celebrated unbeknownst to Spanish authorities. It represents authentic Inca culture through and through.

This festival happens the 24th of June. There are many reasons you don’t want to miss Inti Raymi. Prepare yourself for a theatrical performance! Native Cusqueño actors and actresses dress in genuine Inca costumes. They wear costumes made from the same material as worn by the Inca ancestors. The materials vary from alpaca, sheep wool, and other natural elements. The skilled actors craft an authentic experience that bridges present day to the ancient traditions of their predecessors.

Many people from around the world come to witness this spectacular event. Join them! So, don’t miss out on a chance to indulge in a cultural exchange you’ll never forget. Also, keep in mind that this is the day that Cusco is farthest from the sun. The mornings are warm and sunny! However, be sure to bring warm clothes for the chilly evenings.

Other Cultural Expressions

Experience a Shamanic Journey and Take Part in a Pachamama Ceremony

If indigenous mysticism interests you and you’d like a real Andean experience, take part in a shaman guided Pachamama ceremony.

A Pachamama ceremony, or “Offering to the Earth,” can happen anytime during the year. However, they are most common at the beginning of August. The belief is that during this month, the Earth is most open to offerings. Hence, the shamen come down from the mountain villages in order to help people and businesses in the cities make offerings. They perform this ritual in order to have a blessed and thriving year. 

Although they are popular in Perú, Pachamama ceremonies also occur in Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador. We invite you to immerse in local customs with this ancient Andean practice. Ask us about the experiences that await you!

Pie-Experiences hopes your interest has been sparked. However, if you have something else in mind, contact us! We have many other tricks up our sleeves. As a local company, we are well equipped to put together the best South American vacations and take you on an exciting cultural journey.

Allow Pie Experiences to optimise your vacation and book your perfect cultural journey. Contact us to start booking your trip of a lifetime today !