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Incredible variety exists amongst our luxury Ecuador destinations. With a multitude of protected areas, you can play with iguanas in the jungle, venture through snow capped peaks, and sip Pina Coladas on the beach, all in the span of a single day. The capitol, Quito, is a haven for those looking to explore classic colonial architecture. In Guayaquil, the countries largest city, you can take a historical stroll through the oldest neighborhood in the country. Explore the world’s largest collection of panama hats in Cuenca. With both Amazon cruises and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is the most biodiverse destination in South America.

Our Luxury Ecuador Destinations

Visit Quito and Its Region

Quito was famously the first UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is not hard to see why. The colonial centre of steep cobble stone streets sits in a valley at the foot of a volcano. With beautiful colonial buildings around every turn and an endless amount of adventure within a days drive, you will never run out of things to do in this Ecuador destination.
The nearby Guayasamin Museum was built in the home of the famed sculptor and painter Oswaldo Guayasamín. Closer to town,  just south of the plaza on top of the hill Panecillo, you can find an enlarged copy of Bernardo de Lagarda’s  La Virgen de Quito. The original sculpture is on display on the main altar in the San Francisco church. For truly incredible architecture and an unforgettable view climb up the Basílica. If you are looking to escape the city take the Teleferico Pichincha, a gondola that runs from the center of town to side of a nearby volcano. Here you can find great views of Quito and the surrounding area. A quick 45 minutes outside of Quito you find one of the truly unique Ecuador destinations. The Mitad del Mundo, or center of the world, is a world famous monument that lies on the equator.
Cotopaxi volcano south of Quito capital of Ecuador
View of Panecillo from the terrace of the Illa Experience Hotel in Quito Ecuador with Pie Experiences

Visit Cuenca and Its Region

Cuenca was built on the Inca settlement of Tomebamba. Much of the original architecture has preserved, making this amazing colonial town a pleasure to explore. Of all beautiful architecture to be found here, none is more notable than the Catherdral of Immaculate Conception. ‘Catedral del La Inmaculada’ contains a famous crowned image of the Virgin, a beautiful altar, and breathtaking stained glass. As you explore these beautiful cobblestone streets you will find much more than just beautiful architecture. The flower market near the center of town is always stocked with a wide array of fresh roses. Cuenca also has the largest collection of Panama hats in the world. Stop by the Panama hat museum for what may be the surprising highlight of your time here. For another incredible and informative museum visit the Pumpapungo Museum.  Combining indoor and outdoor exhibits, this museum covers everything from local culture and ethnography to sprawling open-air Inca ruins. For those wanting to escape the city, take a trip to Cajas National Park. With over 230 lakes and 125 species of birdlife, this area is one of the most diligently conserved of Ecuador destinations.
Panama Hat Factory in Cuenca Ecuador with Pie Experiences
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cuenca Ecuador with Pie Experiences

Visit Otavalo and Its Region

For those looking for authentic Ecuador destinations, Otavalo is the place for you. One of the first things you will notice is that the locals wear almost exclusively traditional clothing. The men wear their hair long under broad brimmed hats and calf-length trousers. The women wear colorful embroidered blouses with a rainbow of beads. To truly experience the city, stay in a typical spanish hacienda like Hacienda Zuleta. While walking around the town, enjoy the biggest artesanal market in south America at “Plaza de Ponchos.” Before you leave don’t miss the geographical highlight of the area at Peguche falls. This beautiful waterfall serves also serves as a spiritual ritual site.
Colorful blankets on display in Otavalo Market in Ecuador
Deluxe room at the Hacienda Zuleta, province of Imbabura, Ecuador, Pie Experiences

Visit Guayaquil and Its Region

This port city is the largest city in Ecuador. Known for it’s kind and colorful locals, Guayaquil is often a fierce political rival of neighboring Quito, and largest of all Ecuador destinations. For a historical stroll take a walk down the Malecon 2000 boardwalk, Here you will find the greatest historical monuments in the city. For a quant stroll full of important colonial architecture, take a walk through Las Peñas. Las Peñas was the first neighborhood in Guayaquil and has managed to maintain it’s charm. If you are in the mood for more incredible architecture, head to the center of the city where you will find Catedral Metropolitana de Guayaquil. With two imposing towers that finish in gothic needles the cathedral can’t missed. Directly across the street from the main cathedral you will find the famous Iguana Park. The historic park is beautifully decorated with sculptures and an octagonal pavilion but the real reason to come here is to witness hundreds of iguanas as they roam the grounds. For more wildlife visit Guayaquil historical park. Surrounded by pastel colored houses, this park is home to a zoo where you can see everything from parrots to a crocodile. If you are looking to explore the real thing, the Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco is a protected tropical dry forest in the area. The best place to findwildlife in the area with over 200 species of bird and over 6,078-hectare of protected land.
Guayaquil and the Guayas river Ecuador Pie Expriences

Discover the Amazon Rainforest

The Galapagos islands aren’t the only place you can experience amazing wildlife. There are 45 national wildlife reserves in Ecuador. All of which play host to a wide variety of wildlife. Yasuni National Park is home to two indigenous tribes that have never been contacted and is arguably the most biodiverse location in the world. The area holds a world record number of amphibians and is consider a “must see” among Ecuador destinations. While here don’t miss the Napo Wildlife Center and the Sani Lodge. In the northeast corner of Ecuador you have the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, the second largest reserve in the country. With a significant area of flooded forest, this is a great place to take an Amazon cruise. South of Cuyabeno, in the middle of the jungle, lies the Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve. Here you will have the opportunity to engage with the local indigenous tribe. You want to stay a bit closer the capitol try Mashpi Lodge. Here you can experience can experience an urban style lodge with the solidarity of the Amazon.

An Amazon cruise in Ecuador on the Anakonda cruise ship
Sunset on Ecuadorian Amazonian rainforest on board the luxury cruise ship Anakonda

Visit the Galapagos Islands

The most famous of all Ecuador destinations, these world renowned islands will leave you with a truly unforgettable experience. The fearless wildlife here will allow for close encounters with some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. You can play with giant tortoise weighing nearly 1000 lbs,  these tortoise can only be found in one other place on the globe. You can visit the famous Darwin’s finches and explore the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz island. Here you can see hundreds of preserved species that were studied by one of the greatest scientist the world has ever seen. From here you can visit Baltra, Fernandina, or San Cristobal island. From sea to land, the Galapagos hold an endless amount of adventure.
Photo of a Galapagos land iguana, endemic to the Galapagos islands, Ecuador with Pie Experiences
Photo of a double room on the cruise ship Galapagos Sea Star, Galapagos islands, Ecuador with Pie Experiences