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Pie Experience is an award winning South America tour operator offering unique local experiences, adventure tours, and tailor-made vacations in Peru , Argentina , Bolivia and Ecuador. All tours are Sustainable Travel Certified, designed by travel experts for authentic travel experiences.

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Luxury Nature & Wildlife Tours

Unforgettable Tours Exploring South America's Incredible Nature and Wildlife

Luxury Nature and Wildlife Tours

Imagine watching flocks of flamingos dancing across the vibrant red waters of Laguna Colorada in Uyuni before retreating to your luxury salt palace hotel to witness the unforgettable sunset. Envision being hot on the trails of elusive pink river dolphins in a first class deluxe river cruiser in the heart of the Amazon. Feel the crisp, pure air of the world’s wildest landscapes in Argentinian Patagonia as you spot whales from a luxury yacht just off the most breathtaking coastline in the world. With our expansive Luxury Nature and Wildlife Tours you’ll encounter some of the rarest and most fascinating animal species on the planet. You’ll also explore some of the world’s most incredible landscapes, learning about South America’s endless range of exotic flora and fauna.

Our planet is an awe-inspiring place and here at Pie-Experiences we think it should be cherished. Our nature and wildlife tours combine responsible, conservation-wise tourism with luxury trips to some of the world’s most wild and natural places. Our tours let you discover South America’s most iconic animals without disrupting the precious harmony of their natural habitats. From the depths of the Amazon rain forest to the wilds of the Patagonian steppe our nature and wildlife tours will not only leave you full of awe for our planet’s wildlife but also inspired to protect it. So come join Pie-Experiences on one of the most unforgettable nature and wildlife tours available anywhere in the world.

Our Most Popular Destinations


Luxury Nature and Wildlife Tours in the Amazon Jungle

From one of Peru’s wildest and most remote cities begins a luxurious adventure into the untouched, mystical Amazon rain forest. Iquitos is the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by road. Only accessible by flight or boat this jungle city is both cosmopolitan and wild at the same time. It is pure, unadulterated Amazon adventure embodied within a city and will likely hold your attention for longer than you anticipated. Our luxury Amazon river cruises from Iquitos are luxury married with with jungle adventure. From aboard your lavish cruiser, Aria Amazon, you’ll take expeditions into the heart of the Amazon’s waterways discovering countless rare wildlife along the way. Cruise alongside elusive pink river dolphins, kayak the black waters of Nauta Caño and listen to the Amazon bird chorus at sunrise. This cruise is not something you’ll likely ever forget.

Surrounded by the untouched serenity of the Amazonian rain forest is the lush tranquillity of a remote eco-lodge that’s teeming with adventures exploring some of the rarest wildlife on the planet. Located nearby to the Amazon town of Puerto Maldonado is an ultra luxury eco-lodge in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, the world leading Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica. Easily accessed by a short flight from Cusco or Lima, Inkaterra offers a wild Amazonian experience set in over 17,000 hectares of virgin rain forest. Amazing excursions include jaunts into a wildlife reserve bustling with animal activity to multi-day itineraries that explore an entire nature reserve that protects rare species including 103 species of mammals, 1300 species of butterflies and 90 species of amphibians. Take adventurous hikes into the wild jungle to witness, Amazonian river kayaking at sunset and towering canopy walkways 30 meters up in the treetops.


Discover the World's Rarest Wildlife with a Luxury Galapagos Cruise

The world’s most unique wildlife exists in the Galapagos, which has barely any diversity when compared to the enormous range of species found in the Amazon. What makes the wildlife in the Galapagos so incredible is not its diversification but the evolution of unique and unbelievable characteristics. In order to survive in the remote climate of the Galapagos islands the wildlife developed traits not found anywhere else in the world, such as not having an innate fear of humanity. As such, a visit to the Galapagos means you are pretty much guaranteed to encounter all of the major species that call the archipelago home. And there’s no better way to experience the island wildlife than on one of our exclusive luxury cruises.

Aboard the luxury yacht Sea Star Journey you’ll be treated to a lavish boutique of suites, specially designed for your ultimate comfort. The seven bespoke suites feature amazing panoramic views of the teeming islands as you cruise by with total privacy, en-suites and 5* amenities. Excursions to the incredible islands throughout the Galapagos include snorkelling in tropical fish filled waters, swims with playful sea lions and kayaking around stunning coastlines. Accompanied by expert nature guides every excursion will show you the complex ecosystems of wildlife that inhabit the islands. You’ll swim with curious sea lions, discover regal green sea turtles and dive into black tip shark dens as well as trek to important conservation centres. There is no other place on Earth where you can discover such unique and singular wildlife and there’s no better way to see it than on one of our luxury nature and wildlife tours in the Galapagos.


Explore South America’s Other Worldly Landscapes Filled with Incredible Wildlife

Red Lakes, Flocking Flamingos and Salt Palaces in Uyuni, Bolivia

High above 4,000 meters in the alien landscapes of Bolivia’s salt flats lie some of the most intriguing and breathtaking destinations in all of South America. Lagunas Colorada and Hedionda are shallow salt lakes known for their impressive collection of varios flamingo species. The glistening red waters of Laguna Colorada play host to hundreds of James’ flamingos whilst Hedionda is renowned for its varios migrating white and pink flamingos that dot the landscape. Exploring these sparsely populated regions will make you feel as if you’ve taken a trip to another world but with the comforts of world class luxury accommodations. Why not take a break from viewing the lakes with a stay in the world’s first Salt hotel. Palacio del Sal is entirely constructed from salt mined in the region and features the most lavish contemporary suites. Complete with a gourmet restaurant, bar and breathtaking solarium a visit to the salt lakes would be incomplete without a stay at this renowned hotel.


Explore the Lunar Landscape of Puna, Argentina

Want to know what it looks like on the moon? Well, there’s a place in Argentina where you can experience just that with Pie-Experiences. The Puna de Atacama plateau sits high above 3,500 meters in northern Argentina filled with abstract geological formations and devoid of the signs of tourism. The bare white rocks tell the history of the harsh landscape and create some of the most incredible photos. A tour across Puna is an experience like no other and takes you well off of the beaten path in South America. That’s not to say there’s no creature comforts to be found here. Our tours can be totally customised to suit your preferences and using the fantastic city of  Salta as your base to explore the area, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.

Whales, Penguins and Mountains - Explore Patagonia, the Wildest Place on Earth

Residing at South America’s barren southern frontier is maybe the most remote wilderness accessible anywhere on Earth. In Patagonia, wild nature fills expansive plateaus hemmed in by imposing mountain ranges that make for some of the most impressive scenery on the planet. Down at its southern tip is the thriving adventure hub Ushuaia, the thrill seeking and wildlife capital of Tierra del Fuego – known as the end of the world. Stunning glaciers, breathtaking fjords and misty forest are the norm in this part of the world and will be sure to leave their mark on your memory. From here tours whisk you off to see all sorts of unique wildlife, from fluffy Patagonian penguins to gigantic whales traversing the world’s oceans.

Tours to the Penguin haven islands near Ushuaia are limited to protect the natural habitats of the wildlife there. On the the islands it’s possible to walk amongst three different species of curious Penguins – Magellanic, Gentoo and King. It’s guaranteed to be an enchanting experience as you learn about these hardy flightless bird’s way of life in this incredible mist shrouded, glacier filled environment. Be among the lucky few who witness breaching humpback whales, orca pod families and southern right whales traversing the eerily gorgeous landscape of the Beagle Channel south of Ushuaia. It is even possible to observe the largest mammals on the planet, the blue whale, glide effortlessly in the freezing dark waters as they migrate around Cape Horn. Nature and wildlife tours in this part of the world are magical experiences with the stunning backdrop of Patagonia’s most remote and wild landscapes. Join Pie-Experiences at the end of the world on an unforgettable Patagonian nature and wildlife tour today.

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